Integration – for a better Europe


Our “Liberale Muslime” association has set itself the mission to highlight grievances against Islam, in order to make an important contribution to the integration of Muslims in Austria.

Our organization will show untruths and point out media or politicians, who promote exclusion rather than migration. These are essential steps in order to put Muslims in a “better” light.

Integration of Muslims should be taken serious in order to make Austria a sustainable and a competitive country. Muslims in Austria are a fact and according to some studies, almost 14-20 percent Muslims will live in Austria until 2051. [1]

Muslims in Austria

If you believe a study, done in 2013, more than 574,000 Muslims are currently living in Austria. 7 percent of the Austrian population is Muslim and approximately 203.000 are Austrian citizens. In Vienna, every second student speaks another mother tongue than German. [2] These children belong to the Austrian future, whether others like it or not. We all will benefit, if we invest, educate and integrate them.

As these figures show, Muslims are playing an important role in Austria. The negative format of the media is not helping, as they literally incite religions against each other. This has to stop!

Integration will lead Austria to a better economy and a more sustainable country.

[1] Everyday Muslim practice in Austria. Institute of Islamic Studies

[2] Fatih Aydogdu: Everyday Muslim practice in Austria. Institute of Islamic Studies of the University of Vienna in 2013