Islam is hated like never before

Vienna, 27 January 2014. Politics, intellectuals and people of the public express themselves about this topic. Since September 11th 2001 Islam is one of the most discussed topics in media. Negative voices are still raised on this theme and it seems they are not going to stop.

Nobody knows where and when it will end. Politicians, media and influential personalities are talking about religions in a negative way. We expect that those people should be the “ideal”. They should tolerate and integrate religions, but the opposite is the case. You can read about terror in newspapers almost every day. People get more and more anxious about Muslims because media and politicians are fuelling the debate.

Preventive work must be done in the whole of Europe to understand Islam and its methods. Islam should be treated in the same way as the Catholic Church or Buddhism. It’s hard to imagine a world without terror in media.